Job Description :
Position: Data + ML Engineer Location: Anywhere in US & Canada(100% remote) Must have Services- Analyze data (Large Data sets ), preprocess data , data visualization, reporting Languages/Level- SQL, Advanced Python Intermediate Libraries/Levels- Python : Json basic ; Numpy , Pandas ,scikit Learn , Matplotlib-Intermedidate. GCP Products / level- Big query Advanced ,CAIP- intermediate , dataflow- intermediate Non GCP Products / level- ML:NLP , supervised , unsupervised learning (Clustering) Scope of feasibility Study Understand the data and associate data models that the customer uses to store billing history . Determine the best approach to represent discrete billing "states" in other words , a given customer's billing history should be represented by some state space e.g., every month there are set of variables data uses minute used, text sent roaming charges etc. Assess if there is the possibility to find correlations between 1) moving from one billing state to another and 2) a billing related inquiry being made in contact center . also understand if the data is available ,joinable etc. Assessing how could we determine the highest frequency of billing state or group of similar billing state , this may involve the use of clustering . the objective is to understand which billing state /events to prioritize for CCAI support via virtual agents.