Job Description :
Previous experience  in data engineering
Familiar with more modern data engineering pipelines and how they all fit together.
Experience with integration of data from multiple data sources
Able to articulate needs on both sides easily.Can talk with back-end and data science
people  both with ease. Data Engineer will work directly with the back-end engineering
Proficiency with REST APIs, Cassandra, Python, MongoDB, Postgres, and querying.
Proficiency with both relational and non-relational databases  and how to combine them
Proficiency with distributed computing engines,frameworks like Hadoop v2, Spark
Experience with building stream-processing systems, (e.g., using solutions such as Spark-
Streaming or Storm)
Ability to manage Hadoop/Spark cluster or other ingestion tools, with all included services
Previous Experience with various messaging systems, such as Kafka or Amazon Kinesis(
for example)
Coding Experience with any of the programming languages - Python,Java, Scala
Excellent communication skills
Willingness to document work in a wiki and track work through an issue tracking system
5+ years of data engineering experience