Job Description :

Location: Remote

Duration: 12 months

Job requirements & Summary:

  • Expertise and has clear understanding of DSE 6.8 core components, concepts. Understanding key capability differences between enterprise and freeware.
  • Good understanding of key architectural differences between Cassandra 4.0 vs 3.x.
  • Understanding Business use cases, application requirements and suggesting appropriate NoSQL database technology that satisfies the business and application needs.
  • Collaborate with multiple teams in resolving issues, setup general security and deployment standards and tailor DSE implementation to each application based on its requirements.
  • Hands on experience with DSE Cassandra 6.8, Graph Solr & SAI indexing, Spark analytics and materialized views.
  • Experience in provisioning and automating DSE in cloud technologies like MS Azure & AWS.
  • Experience with Architecting, developing, and maintaining fault tolerant and highly available DSE models for critical applications by finding fine balance between CAP elements.
  • Expertise in driver version limitations, configurations, Load balancing policies and determining DR/failover strategies for DSE and Graph components to avoid down time and business impact.
  • Experience in automated deployments for DSE & OS patching with ansible, maintenance with plays. Tuning and automating components such as NodeSync, repairs, Scrubs, restorations, and replacements to achieve high availability while ensuring consistency.
  • Experience in Designing, modeling, de-normalizing, Determining replication and consistency levels for Cassandra keyspaces and modeling data for DSE Graph.
  • Thorough understanding of DSE graph architecture, Tinkerpop integration with Cassandra and Gremlin query language.
  • Expertise in Backing up data, performing node/cluster restorations, Node replacement ensuring consistency and NodeSync.
  • Thorough understanding of vertically Scaling vs Horizontally Scaling vs Scaling down DSE clusters by assessing Load, performance, limitations etc.
  • Experience in performing rolling upgrades, minor upgrades, patching, major upgrades and handling new features post upgrades.
  • Monitoring with Ops center, Grafana, nodetool and analyzing Histograms, Performance metrics and benchmark DSE clusters.
  • Expertise in optimization of JVM tuning by analyzing data, Tombstones and tailoring OS and Storage settings as part of performance tuning.
  • Strong understanding of DSE's analytical capabilities with Graph and PySpark or Scala Spark
  • Clear understanding of Stargate and how its API's integrate with DSE and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Experience in performing migrations from external data sources (SQL, Oracle etc.) using kafka, DS bulk, SS Table loader, Graph loader and Scoop
  • Strong knowledge in setting up robust security for DSE such as Encryption at rest & in motion, Authentication for DSE/JMX etc., Auditing and role management using AD.
  • Ability to analyze DSE log files in Elastic search/Splunk to find patterns, anti-patterns and resolve critical issues

Education and Experience Required:

  • Associate's degree and 6 years' RDBMS experience, or in lieu of a degree, a combined minimum of 8 years' higher education and/or work experience, including a minimum of 6 years' RDBMS experience
  • Proficiency with RDBMS tools and functions
  • Prior experience working on multiple small to large projects of low to high complexity
  • Experience working with large system and RDBMS enhancements, conversions and production problem resolution
  • Experience working with others to connect disparate ideas into cohesive solutions
  • Excellent problem-solving skills to assist in issue resolution
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent decision-making skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Strong lateral thinking skills
  • Good presentation skills

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