Job Description :

Position:Data Engineer/ AWS Python Engineer

Location:San Diego CA


Required Skills:
Mandatory skills AWS, Python and PySpark, Spark SQL, NoSQL
Experience on AWS and its web service offering S3, Redshift, EC2, EMR, Lambda, CloudWatch, RDS, Step functions, Spark streaming etc.
Good knowledge of Configuring and working on Multi node clusters and distributed data processing framework Spark.
Hands on 3 years of experience with EMR Apache Spark Hadoop technologies
Experience with must have Linux, Python and PySpark, Spark SQL.
Experience in working with large volumes of data Tera-bytes, analyze the data structures
Experience in designing scalable data pipelines, complex event processing, analytics components using big data technology SparkPythonScalaPySpark,
Expert in SQL, NoSQL database
Experience in process orchestration tools Apache Airflow, Apache NiFi etc.
Hands on knowledge of design, development and enhancement of Data Lakes, constantly evolve with emerging tools and technologies"


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