Job Description :
Data Center Technician - L2 This position requires a person having 4 to 7 years of experience as Data Center Technician which will provide a range of Operations of the Data Center. Their job description entails offering technical support at Data Center by performing Facility checks on machinery, system/network and servers racking stacking and cabling installations, and troubleshooting in order to ensure optimum operations. Their role also entails monitoring system process and ensure smooth operations. They evaluate heating and cooling systems to ensure they are operational and can meet equipment temperatures conditions. They also endeavor to update ACDC forms to maintain devices records after installing new devices at the Data Center. Candidate should also demonstrate excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills. Compulsory Skills Cabling and labeling devices. Have experience in testing fiber and copper cabling Hardware repair data center technicians are hired to complete basic repair of damaged or faulty network equipment and devices (limited to swappable devices such as hard drives, controllers and other simple filed replaceable components) Rack mounting devices from servers, servers, switches, routers and other appliances. Should be familiar with connectivity, power and cooling needs and installation troubleshooting Troubleshooting skills performing tests to identify cabling and basic hardware issues, and replacing the bad cabling or peripherals. Physical Requirements data technicians stay on their feet, and regularly crawl, crouch, kneel, lift, and move up to 40lbs over short distances Inventory management data technicians are required to maintain accurate inventory of tools, equipment, and network devices Communication skills being able to explain complicated technical process in a simple to way to non-technical staff is a requirement for successful data technicians Familiar with change control processes and ticketing systems Technical writing skills data technicians often develop standard operating procedures and manuals for the Network, Storage and servers installed at the Data Centers. Performance monitoring and troubleshooting Supporting skills for Data Center issues and incident management Understanding of how the facility machinery supports the data center Preferred Skills: Know how to operate Fluke devices to test fiber and copper cables. Clear understanding of cabling topologies Clear understanding of Power Strips, PDM/PDU and ATS Clear understanding of Power receptacle types Clear understanding of A & B power feeds support Know the different types of power cords MUST BE SAFETY AWARE AROUND ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEMS! Team Culture Our team is fast paced, highly energetic, motivated and hardworking. We expect our candidates to be integrated into our results-driven and solution-oriented culture from the get-go. Our team attains high-quality results on challenging projects; the belief that outcomes are linked to one's effort rather than chance and the tendency to personally set challenging yet realistic goals.