Job Description :

Job Title: Database Programmer/Analyst

Location: Denver, CO

Duration: 12 Months

Note: Selected candidates need to be on board Onsite. They need to pick their on- boarding documents and equipment manually. No expenses will be paid for travelling

Job Description:


1 With the guidance of the Client Enterprise Architect, the contractor shall review documentation created by a third party, who performed an assessment for Client based on use cases to (1) create a CEDS database, (2) populate the CEDS database from the existing CDE data warehouse and (3) transition from an Oracle based solution to a Microsoft solution, (4) an implementation plan including training and skill development.

2. The contractor shall demonstrate his understanding of the overall project goals and the specific goals as pertains to the contractor's assignment for this project to the satisfaction of the enterprise architect.

3. The contractor is able to advise and provide guidance on the requested work.

4. The contractor shall provision Microsoft Azure.

5. The contractor shall create a virtual machine with Microsoft SQL server installed to create a "development" database.

6. The contractor shall integrate Microsoft Azure resources into the CDE environment. Azure Portal administration, Azure app Service, Azure Data Factory, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Container Registry, Azure Service Bus, Azure Archive storage, Azure VPN Network, Azure Cosmos DB, etc.

7. Understand and advise on associated networking and firewall/ACL (access control) rules.

8. Install a CEDS database as proof of concept.

9. The contractor shall thoroughly test and document each step taken and perform knowledge transfer to the CDE staff.


1. Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with the Department's Project

Manager/Enterprise Architect throughout the duration of the Purchase Order to discuss

suggestions or issues and incorporate guidance from the Department while performing

the work described within this Statement of Work.

2. The Contractor shall alert the Department's Enterprise Architect, when issues or potential

risks are encountered that will affect the project.

3. The Contractor shall provide documentation to the Enterprise Architect. This

documentation must provide details on the work provided and at a level a Department

employees can use the information to support the work at the end of the contract.

4. The Contractor shall submit detailed status reports or participate in weekly status

meetings as required by the Department during the engagement.

5. The Contractor shall attend required meetings with the required project stakeholders as

directed by the Department. These meetings will be scheduled by a Department

employee. All questions and communication should go through the Enterprise Architect,

Dee Abueldahab. If Dee is not available, he will recommend a Department employee for

the communication.

6. Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the

project and project acceptance.

7. Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voicemail and email inquiries from the

Department within one business day.

Required/Desired Skills

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix


Years of Experience

Overall IT Experience

Communication (1 - 10)

Microsoft SQL Server

Azure SQL Database - Must be able to implement and configure a Microsoft Azure SQL Server Database and associated tools.

CEDS - Install a CEDS database as proof of concept.

Firewalls - Understand and advise on associated networking and firewall/ACL (access control) rules


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