Job Description :

 Job Title:Data Architect

Location:Phoenix, AZ

Duration: 10 Months+

Location: 3443 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Local & Non-Local willing to re-locate

Preference is for local candidates, but will consider those who are willing to relocate upon offer acceptance. MUST relocate upon offer, no exception to this.

Will not return to the office in a 100% onsite capacity, expectation is that they will be in office about once per week or every other week. Although high priority projects might require 100% onsite presence for shorter periods of time (not to exceed 2 weeks).

Manager Feedback:

We are looking for someone with data architecture experience.  Don't consider the solution architect experience to be equivalent as the focus of someone on that role isn't the data model and how it drives business decisions. Looking for exposure to building a data warehouse so that they know what they'd do differently. Prefer they've interacted with the business (i.e., stake holders) and can communicate in their language so that they can interpret what they need to make better decisions. I'd like for them to have managed people and projects so that they can operate autonomously at times. Not looking for Solution Architects that have built web applications, or DBA's. Their resumes should reflect that they have this experience - preferably more than a couple of years, ideally in several different companies. And a pet peeve people who list several different titles next to their name to indicate the different roles they played for that experience entry. When I see that I look at the length of time in place divided by the number of different roles played to see how concentrated the experience was. I'm going to do a keyword search for DW, data warehouse, schema, architect, team, etc... and look for results that give context to the experience. If they have an experience highlights section that includes reference to skill sets, I want to see evidence of that later in the resume. Expect the architect to be able to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, not just building a data warehouse, fostering stewardship of the data, etc. but also to be knowledgeable enough to contribute elsewhere when necessary and to mentor others.


The Architect shall provide a Data Architecture to develop and implement an enterprise Data Warehouse Solution in support of the single source of truth and business process root cause analysis. The data warehouse will serve as a centralized repository for multiple data sources from internal and external sources. He or She shall gather requirements from stakeholders, prepare Data Warehouse Requirements Document, and create Data Warehouse Design Document.

The Data Warehouse Requirements Document will include usability requirements, security requirements, businesses requirements, data requirements, query requirements, and interface requirements. The Data Warehouse Design Document shall include the operational requirements, application architecture, information architecture, interface architecture, technology architecture, and security architecture.

Qualifications / Skills Matrix

  • Must have a thorough understanding of modern information technology infrastructure practices and possess at least ten (10) years of experience doing the following:
  • Defining, designing, and building relational and dimensional databases. Performing data access analysis design, and archive/recovery design and implementation.
  • Maps source system data to data warehouse models
  • Translating business needs into long-term architecture solutions.
  • Developing and testing ETL processes
  • Reviewing and developing object and data models and the metadata repository to structure the data for better management and quicker access.
  • Coordinating with business users to develop scripts, queries, or software code to accomplish specific requirements or tasks.
  • Hands-on expertise in data warehousing and architecture, data modelling, master data, big data analytics, real-time analytics, and data visualization, and reporting
  • Hands-on management of SQL Server 2012 or higher, Oracle, or IBM DB2, involving implementation of schemas, indexes, and query optimization
  • Experience with Developing strategies for data acquisition, archive recovery, and implementation of a database. 

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