Job Description :

Position:Data Analyst


Duration:Full Time

Job Description:

Security Clearance: Secret- Secret security clearance prior to the start of work.+

The Contractor will support data architecture requirements for the NSW data environment (NDE), NSW business systems, Advanced Analytics (ADVANA) Jupiter (Navy) and Sparta (USSOCOM), M365, and other data environments. This position will support both technical and administrative work, with approximately 50% of time spent architecting and building technical solutions, and 50% of time managing administrative and governance requirements such as agreements, policies, procedures, drawings, data pipeline blueprints, entity relationship diagrams, user training and resources, Remedy change management and incident ticketing, Azure DevOps and other Kanban boards and backlogs, and cybersecurity accreditations.

The Contractor shall have the following security clearance, certifications, skill sets, and experience to support the contractual tasks as listed below

Three (3) or more years of recent experience (within the past 5 years) with data engineering and DataOps, data warehouse modeling and performance, data quality, data cataloging, data agreements management, moving data between systems, managing data warehouses, building, and managing data pipelines, data visualization, data security, web services and Application Programming Interfaces (API), and serving data to end users.

Three (3) or more years of recent experience (within the past 5 years) in any of the following areas: agile development, Visual Studio or Git operations, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL/ELT), merging, manipulating, transforming, cleansing, and validating data, and experience in databases, data stores, data marts, data lakes and data warehouse design and operations, report writers, scripting, ad hoc querying, online analytical processing (OLAP), online transactional processing (OLTP), data visualization, data mining, and statistical analysis, excellent analytical and problem solving skills, and a fundamental knowledge of working with structured, unstructured, and semi structured data.

Three (3) or more years of recent experience (within the past 5 years) in any of the following: Microsoft Visio, Structured Query Language (SQL), Microsoft (MS) C#.NET, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), MS ASP.NET, MS Internet Information Server (IIS), MS Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL Server BI stack including SQL Server (2012 +), and MS Power BI; OR experience in DataHub, Collibra, Trifacta, UI Path, DataRobot, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, SQL Builder, Azure DevOps Server, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Tables, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, data lakehouse design, MS Azure and Azure Stack Hub, HTML, CSS, PyPi, RStudio, Shiny Server, Git, Jupyter Notebooks, Stream Sets, Qlik, Databricks, ML.NET, and deployment of Machine Learning (ML) models to production.


Ashok Kumar

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist




4229 Lafayette Center Dr, Suite 1880, Chantilly, VA 20151


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