Job Description :


REQUIRED SKILLS Rock star data analysis with Tableau and exceptional comm skills personality is everything for this role.

We are looking for a Data Analyst/Visualization expert with strong Tableau skills to join the team. This resource will be focused on orders reporting and will need to complete some mapping analysis, data dictionaries, query writing, Tableau visualizations, etc. This individual will need to be an expert in this field, must have numerous years of experience with this type of work and our technologies (Tableau, SQL).


Supports 2 major systems - backend ordering system and OIS ordering integration services (supports 600 million calls in a month, 31 clients roughly)

OIS This system looks at things like what was the duration of the call? They use this for various Analysis to create reports for stakeholders

This will focus on Tableau, SQL reporting, and data analysis

They need someone that can they connect the dots?

Communication has to be excellent. They will talk to SR Leadership and give presentations.

Forward thinking, proactive, outgoing

Someone that can pick things up very quickly and handle fast pace

They will not be doing ETL or data prep they have engineers that do this

Day to Day example - changes to releases and needs reporting, do we have the data (they have data dictionaries), they also have a point of contact for various things (ie credit expert), review queries using Splunk (they do have Splunk experts for support), work with data architects, solidify data sets and gets everything ready for the dashboard and present to the stakeholders they might be the one doing this


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