Job Description :

**This position will be ONSITE for the duration of the engagement. DO NOT SUBMIT CANDIDATES THAT ARE NOT WILLING TO WORK ONSITE!

Data Analyst

Expected Skills: Critical thinking, data visualization, statistical modeling, regression and classifications modeling, problem solving and troubleshooting, pattern and trend identification, presentation skills, data cleansing, SQL and NoSQL, Advanced Microsoft EXCEL, Statistical Programming Language such as R, Python or MATLAB, Linear Algebra and Calculus. Bachelor’s degree in Analytics, Computer modeling, science or math, and at least 1 year of data analytics experience. Prefer experience with Tableau or Power BI.

Description (including, but not limited to):

1. Work with Divisions to understand their business and perform data mining and data QA

2. Using division data and external data, be able to perform data cleansing and preparation, data visualization, pattern and trend identification and predict future needs

3. Use of regression models such as logistic regression, linear regression and polynomial

4. Analysis, visual design, development, data analysis, testing and implementation, technical and user documentation.


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