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Franchise aka contract with the cities. Leaving revenue on the table as they are serving more residents than in the original contract of residents. Find out with all the WM GPS Trucks that they are overservicing the city and want to recoup that revenue. In order to do so leverage GPS ping, Smart Truck Cameras, Audits of areas serviced, can go back to the city and bill them OR have those customers go sign up.

  • Suspect List, PDA audit tool, add to database and get the customer signed up, etc
  • Service Quality issues as well for audit purposes can use this to see if they missed any streets, etc prior to the customers calling and letting WM know they missed their pick up.
  • This is V1 of the product, prior it was a BI report and this weekend will be releasing the first version of the audit tool. All the suspects that ETL'd over to Salesforce.
  • There is a whole public sector team that looks at all of this data. Made a huge step with the BI tool and this next version is even more interactive
  • Data Analytics: Take a look at the problem, flush things out but NOT providing the Solution. Should look into detailed results, properly QE the results. Need to make sure a suspect is truly a suspect, address engine Is giving the right answers on the gps ping.
  • Not JUST QA, really get down into the details and make sure it is all there and accurate. PO has all kinds of requests on data to be assessed. Working on trying to figure out the data WM has, the fields they have and collaborate with others to get everything needed to determine the data is accurate and the story being told.
  • Mainly Query work. Must be able to utilize SQL
  • Must have understanding working with Snowflake data warehouse. Will be pulling data from snowflake (not development).

Required Skills : SQL, Data Extraction, Data Analytics, Snowflake data warehouse (data extraction not development)
Basic Qualification :
Additional Skills :
Background Check :Yes
Drug Screen :Yes
Notes :
Selling points for candidate :
Project Verification Info :
Candidate must be your W2 Employee :Yes
Exclusive to Apex :Yes
Face to face interview required :No
Candidate must be local :No
Candidate must be authorized to work without sponsorship ::No
Interview times set :Yes
Type of project :Assessment/Analysis
Master Job Title :Data Analyst
Branch Code :Phoenix

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