Job Description :

Daily schedule: Provide analytical and administrative support to sourcing managers.
Support Item setup activities for Starbucks Sourcing
Managing the Item setup process to support our partners in Sourcing

OT expectations: Have not had a need for OT previously

Interaction level with team: collaborative, working solely with other 6 members

Chance for flex hours or remote: Remote solely; would like local candidate. Flexible in/out times

Chance for extension or conversion: potential to extend or convert (usually an 18-month contract)


Unique selling points?/Value added: how particular the item set-up process is, how NPI & sourcing work together, specific processes to their team. They will learn the Starbucks internal software that will give them a leg-up for future Sbux endeavors

Market comp: ~75 FT ~10 Contract

  • Top 3 must-have hard skills
  • Level of experience with each
  • Stack-ranked by importance

Procurement Support


2-4 years

Business Communication Skills



  • Best vs. average
  • Disqualifiers
  • Performance indicators

Disqualifiers?: There is a lot of ambiguity and volume in this role, so they need to be able to prioritize and not panic with the work load. Typos, gaps in resumes without expectation.

KPI’s?: How they work with the team, team’s feedback, monthly connects


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