Job Description :

Job Title: Cybersecurity / Incident Response Analyst

Location: 100% Remote

Duration: 6M Contract


Major Responsibilities
Strong ability to collaborate, delegate tasks and drive deadline compliance in a highly regulated, time sensitive environment
Triage, escalation, and assisting the response of cybersecurity, policy and privacy related events and incidents
Manage containment and remediation efforts of affected assets, IOCs, and TTPs
Produce detailed incident reports and security recommendations
Hold stakeholders accountable for remediation actions
Providing training and guidance through complex incidents
Integrate and collaborate with other subject matter experts throughout the organization
Liaison with Cyber Defense, Privacy, Compliance, Legal, and Architecture teams
Influence the creation and/or adoption of new standards and procedures
Identify deficiencies in processes and tools, recommend security controls and/or corrective actions for mitigating technical and business risk. Contribute to Lessons Learned Meetings.
Monitor security intake technologies for reports of security incidents
On-Call duties may be required
Can you please provide a summary of the project/initiative which describes whats being done?
a. This is an operations team that responds to cyber security incidents. Responsible for containment and remediation.
What does the ideal candidate background look like (ex: healthcare specific background, etc.)? We want to be as specific as possible with our firms so they can find the type of candidate youre looking for.
a. Ideal candidate will have a background in cyber security with hands on experience as an incident response or SOC analyst.
Of the required skills listed, which would you consider the top 3? Please list your expectations regarding years of experience for each requirement.
a. I only had 2 listed they are of equal importance. 2 years experience would be required.
What experience will set candidates apart from one another?
a. Previous experience as a cyber security or incident response analyst/engineer.
Are you open to candidates that would need to be 100% remote for the duration of the engagement?
a. Yes.
What does the team structure look like - how many members and what is the break-down of the teams skill sets (ex: 1 PM, 4 Developers, etc.)?
a. The team consists of 19 analysts covering a 24x7 schedule. Team consists of security analysts, Sr. Analysts and managers.
What does the interview process look like?
a. How many rounds? 1
b. Video vs. phone? Teams preferred. Video not required
c. How technical will the interviews be? Candidate will be asked technical questions on security tools and techniques.

Required Skills : Word
Basic Qualification :
Additional Skills :
Background Check :Yes
Drug Screen :Yes
Notes :
Selling points for candidate :
Project Verification Info :
Candidate must be your W2 Employee :Yes
Exclusive to Apex :No
Face to face interview required :No
Candidate must be local :No
Candidate must be authorized to work without sponsorship ::No
Interview times set : :No
Type of project :Assessment/Analysis
Master Job Title :Misc: Non-Technical
Branch Code :Minneapolis

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