Job Description :
Notes from the Manager:
- He currently has zero suitable candidates in the mix. He has ruled out all sent to him due to not having solid Tripwire or Guardium experience

Top Skills Required per manager:
· 3+ years of Cyber Security experience
· Large Enterprise Deployment experience
· Guardium or Tripwire experience
· Experience with Vulnerability is a must as well - Qualys experience is preferred (it is the top vulnerability tool)

- He needs an Engineer not an analyst
- Candidate must be easy going person who can work in a small team and be self driven
- PCI, DSS, SOX, NIST experience are plusses
- CISSP is highly preferred ( The way he spoke I think this is a must even though he said preferred. He said he has his CISSP and he feels it is ideal)
- 2 rounds of Virtual Interviews

Things I need to see on resume/background in order for me to consider:
- 3+ years of Security Engineer related experience
- 2+ year Guardium or Tripwire experience (without this it is auto rejection)
- Large Enterprise Deployment experience
- Vulnerability testing experience