Job Description :

Salesforce record sharing and security via all different processes -implicit and explicit

Good communication

Must have OWD (basic Salesforce funcionality) knowledge

Apex knowledge - OOPs concept, Apex methods, record sharing and security in Apex. DBC, (dependency) , injection concepts.

Objects and relationships and database level relationships. Query statistics.


Knowledge of DX is a must for a candidate. We are trying to move away from traditional org based development to source based.

li>Candidates need to understand how the salesforce architecture works/li>
li>Understand the quality of code/ be able to analyze code/li>
li>Understand programming concepts (ie the difference between java dev concepts and salesforce dev concepts)/li>
li>Must have Dx (developer experience)which is the UX for salesforce devs and have a good grasp of packaging concepts/li>
li>Must have bitbucket, Jenkins or github/li>

basic questions (ex: difference between sync vs async etc

Can you please convey to the participants that they need to have a working computer with a IDE( eclipse / idea / sublime-text/vscode ), so that we can engage them in some live coding questions ?

Client is looking for solid Salesforce Developerthat at heart is a very strong Coder and has experience withLightning for a long term contract opportunity in NYC.

The key points for the role are:

Experience with Coding

li>Looking for someone from a JAVA background who has experience working with Salesforce in Apex Coding. Node.JS, salesforce dx would be a plus/li>

Experience with Lightning

li>Goodfoundationalknowledge of how lightning works and what is involved building and implementing components./li>

Enterprise Application Experience-

li>The are looking for a candidate that has a development background beyond Salesforce. Again, someone who has experience prior to Salesforce as a Java Developer or .Net Developer should have this skill.
li>The Candidate should not be someone who jumped right into Salesforce right from College/li>
li>An understanding of how Salesforce operateswithin a larger Enterprise environment (other non Salesforce applications)/li>

- communication - must communicate well with physical team and have a history of interfacing with business side

- source control

- lightning - basic fundamental understanding, devOps/release management experience

- previous experience with API development and web services