Job Description :
Must Have Skills
Must have more than 8 years of Core Java version 8, Spring and Micro services development experience
Working in a Banking/Financial domain/industry a plus
RestAPI, Multithreading, Kafka a plus

Detailed Job Description
Spring boot –spring Data JPA/spring web services
Java 8 – concurrency/parallel processing - forEach/filter/consumer/streams/optional/lambda experience
Micro services – patterns/spring cloud– elastic search
Distributed caches/DB – Reddis – session data – cache dialog flow -
Integrations frameworks – Camel/Spring
Docker containers
Thread /heap dumps – RabbitMQ message issues -managed by manager at higher level
Unit testing/integration tests – jUnit/Mockito/mock server
Some internals of how spring works (proxy/@Transactional/etc
Messaging concepts – EAI patterns – AMQP -
Complex web services
Multi-threading – Java concurrent API – Sync method | block, AtomicReference,
Locks Re{entrant locks}, Cyclic barrier, Completable futures, Concurrent collections, Thread {wait | notify} – sync block/method/wait|notify/sleep – locks-reentrant locks
XML – parsers – jaxb/

Minimum years of experience

Client : Implementation Partner - Infosys


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