Job Description :
The Compass Solutions LLC is currently assembling a large scale team of Contact Tracers and Supervisors in the great effort of flattening the curve of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Ideal candidates will offer: Strong interpersonal skills with a high degree of professionalism and ability record sensitive and detailed information accurately. Should have a highly empathetic, engaging and caring personality and strong communication.

The duties include: Contacting patients via telephone who have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. Carefully talking though a questionnaire that needs to be completed, reviewed, and documented with each patient. The data gathered from each phone call will be input into a database for further analysis. Each tracer will also be required to review the latest CDC recommended guidelines and deliver this information in an empathetic manner to each patient.

Qualified and available candidates that are immediately available and passionate about helping others and playing a part in helping DC defeat the pandemic are encouraged to apply ASAP.

Hours/Shifts: TBA
Hourly rates: Entry Tracers $17 - $22 p/hr 600 Needed
Nursing / Medical Degree: $25 - $35 p/hr 50 Needed
Supervisors :$35-40/hr 35 Needed