Job Description :

Title: Cloud Security Architect

Position Type: Contract
Locations: Atlanta, GA

Job Description 

A cloud security engineer specializes in providing security for cloud-based digital platforms and plays an integral role in protecting an organization's data. This may involve analyzing existing cloud structures and creating new and enhanced security methods. 

Job responsibilities can include creating cloud-based programs, performing threat simulations to detect possible risks, and providing security recommendations on topics like micro segmentation design or application development. Cloud security engineers may instruct other teams on proper coding methods. They may also investigate, create, and recommend innovative technologies or other methods that will enhance the security of cloud-based environments As a Cloud Engineer you will be responsible for configuring Azure and Amazon VPCs, managing EC2, RDS, S3, and IAM services. To be successful, the Cloud Engineer should be familiar with cloud security services. 

Cloud Security Engineer Responsibilities: 

Creating cloud-based programs including implementing identity and access management and securely configuring cloud environments. 

Performing threat simulations and penetration tests to identify and detect possible risks. 

Evaluate, recommend and implement application security controls for AWS and Azure cloud environments. 

Providing security recommendations on service design and application development and coding. 

Managing cryptography and encryption of data in the cloud. 

Logging, monitoring, and responding to detected incidents in the cloud environment. 

Serving as the voice of the customer to the development teams in implementing new features or resolving security issues. 

Responsible for leveraging principles, practices and tools in DevOps to 
improve the reliability, integrity and security of applications. 

Build, maintain and manage central security policies for our cloud infrastructure. 

Identify and implement the most effective perimeter security models for customer integration and segregated access of platform services. 

Maintain cloud architecture and security design. 

Responsible for mentoring new cloud engineers as the company grows. 

Support implementation of Azure and Amazon security services. 

Serve as subject matter expert on Azure and Amazon Cloud environment. 

Provide recommendations to senior staff on innovative cloud concepts and deployment strategies 

Be able to assist developers and software engineers in implementing cloud technologies 

Be familiar with NIST RMF and security implementation strategies. 

Configure ACLs, IAM roles and other security policies within the cloud 

Cloud Security Engineer Required Skill Set: 

Cloud security engineers will need strong technical skills and hands on experience, which may include: 

Bachelors Degree in Information Technology or related field

Experience with Linux and Windows, Apple operating systems 

Scripting languages like Python, Java 

3 yrs or above cloud provider ecosystems experience like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure 

Strong CyberSecurity background and Risk experience 

Excellent attention to detail 

Excellent oral and written communication skills  

Must take initiative and serve as a technical leader when needed 

Must have ingenuity and strong problem-solving skills 


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