Job Description :
We are looking for Architects who have below IBM platform to Azure migration experience. Further requirements below. Cloud Program Architects We have a need for at least 2 Cloud (either Azure or AWS, preferably Azure) Program Architects immediately with IBM platform experience. We are looking to start the resources soon and before 1st August if possible. Location: Atlanta, GA preferred; Dallas, TX 2nd option Duration: Long Term Start by August 1st, 2020 - (should be available now or within 1 week start) Minimum Requirements IBM platforms experience needed: IBM Websphere (Application server) IBM Connect Direct (Also called IBM Sterling Connect-Direct) IBM MQ (Messaging & Queuing) Series High Level Job Description 1. Perform joint assessments with Cloud Solution Architects (CSAs) and Public Cloud Solution Architects while interviewing clients to understand application stack and infrastructure present mode of operations (PMO 2. Collaborate with Cloud Solution Architects (CSAs), DSO teams, CSO (Chief Security Office) and application SMEs to identify, compile and analyze data for workload optimization and cloud migration planning. 3. Provide consultative support to application teams to include assessment of connectivity requirements, VNet /VPC and subnet design, CSP service recommendations in collaboration with CSAs. 4. Collaborate with assigned SSEs on automation scripting, connectivity and environment configuration tasks as defined in client migration plans necessary to migrate applications to their target state cloud hosting model. 5. Assure that application designs include automation to support continuous integration / delivery (CI/CD) processes, automate environment build processes and utilize IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings to optimize client implementations as part of a future mode of operations (FMO 6. Assure that application designs adhere to Base 6 Architecture Principles, Public Cloud Policies, Public Cloud Approved Design Patterns and ASPR Security Requirements.

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