Job Description :
Participate in support rotation schedule with off hours support.
Deploy and support automated AWS cloud-based tools and environments in support of application teams.
Analyze and response to incidents and problems including the development of automated monitoring and remediation to maintain uptime and expected service levels. This includes cloud infrastructure, applications, middleware, and other 3rd party software.
Analyze and resolve problems associated with the operating systems and middleware, for example Redhat Linux, JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, Windows Server, IIS, etc.
Manage, configure, respond and resolve AWS Security alerts including vulnerabilities and patch management.
Design, generate and interpret operational reports related to system health status, capacity management and system performance management.
Determine root cause for incidents, correlate recurring incidents to systemic problems, and drive towards resolution.
Contribute to the build-out of cloud infrastructure, for example, working with services such as load balancers, gateways, firewalls, subnets, security groups, and storage options.
Use scripting and automation tools to increase efficiency, performance, and cost reductions, for example CloudFormation, Terraform, Unix Shell, Python, PowerShell, Ansible, etc.
Participate in the development of Systems Engineering departmental architecture, standards and guidelines.
Work closely with application teams following Agile methods and principles.
Contribute and collaborate to design, document, and publish Engineering standards, principles, guidelines and best practices.
Seek opportunities to increase efficiency through research and investigation, application team input, automation options, POCs, etc.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Experience with core AWS services like EC2, S3, SNS, Lambda, CloudWatch and CloudTrail.
Experience in the design, development, and implementation of AWS-based infrastructure solutions using AWS APIs, and Python with boto3.
Strong scripting experience in Python and PowerShell/Bash.
Windows and Linux system administration: OS, middleware, application layer
Server, network, and storage performance benchmarking and optimization.
In-depth understanding of the operational dependencies of applications, networks, systems, security, and policy.
Experience with cloud orchestrations tools like AWS CloudFormation and/or Terraform, with an emphasis on creating modular architecture.
Experience with AWS IAM.
Proficient in using Git branching, push/pull requests, and advanced Git workflows.

Experience with Jenkins, Ansible or similar tools.
Experience with application build technologies.
Demonstrated knowledge of DevOps principles. Hands-on experience required.
Strong networking knowledge, preferably with DNS, subnets, routing, security groups, whitelisting, firewalls and various networking infrastructure.
CDK, Control Tower, AWS Control Tower Customization Solution
Experience in containerization and orchestration using Docker, Kubernetes, or Fargate/EKS/ECS.
Familiar with analytics and log aggregation tools such as Splunk or Microsoft BI

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