Job Description :

·         Build the architecture to allow for blue/green deployment on EKS

·         Build “kill switches” to disable specific components within the architecture, due to intermediate latency, failure, manual deployment etc

·         Build the multi-region application deployment, including automation to auto fail-over and controlled failover

·         Help to build the end-to-end monitoring and integrate to their existing eco-system

·         Influence the Internet Ingress Edge solution being built

·         Determine needs around using Secure protocols and creating/ maintaining/ updating certificates in either the AWS native tools, or integrating with on-prem certificate stores

·         Help with optimizing the architecture to reduce the end-to-end latency, by using the Global Accelerator, latency/proximity Route 53 based policies etc

·         Help with design to keep multi-region system of engagement data in sync between regions and on-prem, Kinesis/Kafka replication, GoldenGate Oracle replication etc

·         Build and integrate Chaos Testing into the SDLC to increase resiliency

·         Help with designing and running scalability and performance testing

·         Help with preparing the environment for external penetration testing (experience with GuardDuty a plus)


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