Job Description :
We are looking for a Full time/contract employee for a Cloud Data Engineer

HHSC IT is currently implementing an Analytics Platform with Informatica PowerCenter,
Snowflake and AWS technologies as well as Informatica Axon Data Governance with
a goal to accomplish improved COVID-19 reporting.

· Assist DSHS program area use of the IDDI Platform to its fullest potential
· Assist with analytics use with off the shelf reporting tools like SAS, SPSS, Tableau, ArcGIS
· Assist with publishing as needed to Tableau and/or ArcGIS servers or other web platforms
· Data modeling, data profiling, data quality, data validation, data curation, and data transformation
· Resolve any data source ingestion issues
· Operationalize ingestion of new data sources as needed
· Other work includes, but is not limited to:
· Validation of performance metric requirements
· Creation of EPICS/User Stories
· Creation and validation of dashboard and report mock-ups
· Automation of data acquisition from a variety of data sources
· Dashboard and report development
· Testing – integration, load and stress, and user
· Deployment/publication internally and externally
· Operations support and enhancement of the IDDI platform
· All other duties as assigned

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply here.
https://app. unnanu. com/jobboard/apply/JID000001125