Job Description :


AWS, Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure As code
USAA is looking for talented cloud architect responsible for developing design and architecture to support cross domain business capabilities for P&C division. Candidate will work closely with technologists from P&C domains and CTO group to create architecture for legacy mainframe and distributed applications and help migrate them to private and public cloud. Candidate will focus on the intentional architecture and provide mentorship on emergent architecture to the technical teams. Candidate will have hands-on experience in cloud architectures (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and deep interest and experience in broad enterprise platforms and cloud patterns.
What you will do :
- Participate/lead in producing conceptual, solution and component-level architectures and associated artifacts.
- Develop cross domain business requirements reference architecture for transition and target state and contribute to the cloud related patterns and implementations.
- Identify, create and socialize developer guides to explain technology best practices, how to and do's and don'ts
- Identify, create and socialize standards and specifications of existing and new technology and drive their adoptions by domains across the organization.
- Identify the need for common components for shared business capabilities, develop the strategy including architecture and drive their development and adoption discussion with leadership team.
- Provide mentorship to the engineers and help them with their career progression to higher roles.
- Develop and lead developer community of practices to facilitate discussions on technical topics.
What you will have :
- Hands on experience with AWS cloud networking including VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups, ACLs, Transit Gateways, ALB/NLB, Route53, ACM, API Gateway and related technologies
- Understanding of networking processing, protocols, and standards - TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, HTTP
- Hands on experience with security mechanisms including mTLS, x509, OpenID Connect, JWT/JWE, OAuth2, PEP/PDP, SAML, WS-Security, Basic Auth and ABAC/RBAC based policies
- Hands on “code first” development of cloud configuration and components from the ground up using tools like Gitlab and Terraform
- Strong hands on experience in one or more development languages including Java, python, Golang
- Experience with Open Trace, AWS Cloud Watch, DataDog, Prometheus, ELK, Grafana, Hystrix,, App Dynamics, NetCool and other tools to ensure the cloud is operating as expected
- Experience with continuous delivery (CD) tooling including Jenkins, GitLab, Travis CI, GoCD and others.
- Experience with Containers including tools like Docker, Kubernetes, ECS/ECR, and other related technologies and tools
- Demonstrated experience in explaining complex technology decisions to both technical and nontechnical audiences at all levels in the organization.
- Demonstrated experience effectively communicating and developing high trust relationships with frontline and second level management and stakeholders.
- Ability to develop target state architecture using services offered by AWS and private cloud and vision to develop the transition architecture.
- Ability to design patterns for moving legacy applications to AWS and private cloud.
- Hand on experience with common architecture patterns (microservices, event-driven, REST, NO SQL databases, Caches, etc.) and services offered by AWS (S3, EKS, RDS, elastic search, etc.)
- Experience addressing operational and non-functional concerns (e.g. scalability, performance, maintainability, load distribution, resilience and recovery, etc.)
- Experience with SAFe framework or other similar agile frameworks.
- Experience with Java, Kafka, Spring, Redis, Kubernetes, OpenShift and others.


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