Job Description :

We are doing green field development of a cutting edge API stack for critical banking services. This is a complicated collection of services, but can be generalized as Spring Boot APIs, protected by an ApigeeX API Gateway, hitting a BigTable operational data store that is being fed by a Kafka event stream. There are many additional ancillary services and configuration details around this core set of services in order to deliver on this value.

Everything in the environment must be configured as code and must be able to tolerate being blown away and re-created for as many environments as needed.

We are looking for an experienced engineer that can hit the ground running on the first day automating these configurations and deployments for multiple environments.

  • Actual experience with a major financial organization and by that we mean A BANK - 20 Billion in Assets minimum and much larger very much preferred.
  • Actual experience and track record of delivering a major, multiservice, critical, core banking set of interconnected services using Terraform, and templates 'on' Terraform in order to deploy securely and correctly to Google Cloud Platform.
  • Actual experience and track record of 'same as above' when some of the critical services are either in an On Prem Data Center and or in Azure.
  • Actual experience configuring the security aspects of the above from certificates, to secrets, to log management, to integrating multiple different software packages providing specific security capabilities.
  • Experience with the following specific services: (specifically operational configuration, deployment, run, multi-region, these are the main 'movers and shakers')
    • Cloud Run
    • ApigeeX Api Gateway
    • BigTable
    • Kafka
    • And as many of these additional services as possible (required for a complete solution and these need to be instantiated and configured via automation for each environment)
      • StackDriver Log Sink
      • Cloud Log Sink
      • Audit Logs
      • VPC Flow Logs
      • Firewall Logs
      • Chronicle
      • Security Command Center
      • Cloud Monitoring
      • Virus Total
      • Cloud Security Scanner
      • BigQuery
      • Cloud log sink
      • Audit Logs
      • VPC Flow Logs
      • Google private API access
      • Cloud DNS
      • Cloud NAT
      • GKE
      • KMS
      • GCS
      • Spanner
      • DLP
      • BQ
      • VPC Service Control
      • Org Policies
      • Cloud IAM
      • Cloud Identity

Required Skills : Cloud Run, ApigeeX Api Gateway (would take strong Apigee), BigTable, Kafka, financial services or regulated industry experience
Basic Qualification :
Additional Skills :
Background Check :Yes
Drug Screen :Yes
Notes :This would be a remote role, with potential extension. Our client has Google Cloud as their provider and are moving away from other clouds. I know it is niche but it will be a one round interview for 30-60 minutes.
Selling points for candidate :
Project Verification Info :
Candidate must be your W2 Employee :No
Exclusive to Apex :No
Face to face interview required :No
Candidate must be local :No
Candidate must be authorized to work without sponsorship ::No
Interview times set : :No
Type of project :Development/Engineering
Master Job Title :Dev: Other
Branch Code :Columbus

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