Job Description :
Role:Cisco System Administrator Minneapolis, MN Exp:10+ TCS Duration:2 Moths Rate:$60 Job Description: Best Buy UCCE Support Scope Resource Services System Specs: UCCE 12.0 connected to UCM 12.5. 3700 concurrent agents peak (Holiday), 2000 steady state 70 Calls / Second during peak UCCE Large Separate Router/Logger/HDS Central Controllers PG's to support integration with:o UCM (3)o CVPo 3rd Party IVR (Nuance)Expectations of resource: 1. Monitor & manage UCCE environment for system issues & resolve using Best Buy provided tools. 2. Watch and react to Best Buy provided dashboards and monitoring tools. 3. Administrative changed including adding, changing & removing agents, scripts, IVR apps as directed by Best Buy 4. Review and implementation of monthly Microsoft security patching of all servers in scope (~100), managing reboots to ensure minimal or no business impact. Ensure validation is performed and systems are functional. 5. Monitor dedicated workgroup and provided L2/L3 level support for resolving issues with: a. Call routing / Scripting issues. Agent configuration. Agent login issued. Call handling (disconnects, failed transfers, etc) e. Cisco Finesse issues. Server and/or Application eventsg. Cisco outbound dialerh. Private network connections. Assist with network related issuesj. Assist with carrier related issues 6. Provide scripting changes based on business requests and/or Best Buy direction 7. Provide routine Engineering Special (ES) installs and version upgrades. 8. Open and manage tickets with Cisco TAC for escalated issues. 9. Build and manage reports based on business requests and/or Best Buy direction using CUIC 10. Build queries (SQL) and be able to report on call routing anomalies to help resolve issues or understand business experience. 11. Effective communications and creativity skills to be able to escalate issues and/or recommend improvements. 12. Build, manage & troubleshoot integration issues impacting contact centres including: a. Workforce management (Aspect) WFM & RTA integrations. Call recording integrations. CUSP & SIP call routing d. Cisco Voice Portal & 3rd party IVR integrations. Text-to-Speech applications 13. Be able to troubleshoot standard and custom Cisco Voice Portal applications. 14. Work with team to define and execute load tests for all pertinent systems 15. Work with associated teams supporting holiday and high-volume business days Qualifications: 2+ years of engineering and operating Cisco UCCE contact centre systems in a role supporting infrastructure components & services running on Central Controllers, Peripheral Gateways, Voice/VXML gateways, Cisco Voice Portal, etc . 2+ years of UCCE configuration and scripting experience 2+ years of contact centre reporting design and development and / or sequel programming development Preferred Qualifications Software development experience in SQL, python or, skills that support Computer Telephony Integration API's, Customer Relationship Management integrations and/or Cisco Voice Portal IVR development and Web Services for Cisco Voice Portal support Knowledge of contact centre integrations between Cisco UCCE and ancillary equipment including: call recording and workforce management systems Experience with Cisco UCM platform and support of VOIP infrastructure Experience with SIP based telecommunication networks Strong business relationship skills Experience with SDLC delivery and operational models including waterfall & agile. Cisco CVP Studio development experience Cisco Dialler campaign management Experience with building and managing external database integrations for customer / data lookups within UCCE Database management of standalone resources used by UCCE Cisco DB Worker External integrations