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I have requirement for BACKEND JAVA SOFTWARE ENGINEER, if you are comfortable for below position please let me inform, ASAP

BackEnd Java Software Engineers
Location: Northwest Arkansas
Visa: No H1B, OPT
MOI: Skype
Duration: 12 Months

Need 8 years of consultant only

Work on the development of applications using Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Hibernate and also write stored procedures and database queries as well as perform bug verifications, unit testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing and work on production releases
Create new applications using Java 8 and Spring Framework. The applications interact with multiple databases such as MS SQL.
Use ORM tool Hibernate to perform Database calls from the Java application.
JUnit Testing is critical to ensure the code is tested thoroughly. Use Sonar for bug fixes and code quality. Handle production releases and coordinate with other teams during the release.
Run the Functional and Performance Test Scenarios before deploying to the production environment.
Develop / enhance Micro services using Java, Spring Boot, REST, JSON and deploy the Micro services in Cloud.

Create new micro-services such as Squarecode_backend using Spring boot, REST.
Deploy microservices in AZURE Cloud and ensure that other applications are able to connect and get the required details.
Work with Kafka Streams, Spring Cloud (Messaging system) to send and receive the messages between different applications.
Design and create new messaging queues, Azure Service Bus and EventHub Read/write messages to the queues/Topics. Monitor queues, check messages count etc.
Develop java code to consume / produce messages to the topics and queues.
Write/Modify SQL queries, stored procedures, Triggers, Functions working on Databases like MSSQL

For a new requirement or for requirement changes we also need to create/update the Database sql queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, etc.
Need to get the changes verified with Database admin to make sure it doesn''t cause any performance issues.
Work in Agile Methodology using SCRUM intwo-week Sprints and participate in daily stand-ups, Sprint planning meetings,backlog grooming, retrospective meetings, etc.