Job Description :
Should be an SME on Risk, compliance and Risk controls with Risk assessment testing experience (more line of business experience is better such as credit, financial crime, Trade, Retail, private, corporate banking etc)
Experience in risk management framework, policies, procedures, controls, and enterprise risk programs.
Experience in risk identification, measurement, assessment, control, mitigation, reporting, and monitoring of current and emerging risk exposures.
Should be familiar with IV&V test life cycle - Annual Plan->Plan and Prepare (Iterative releases>Test and Execution->Issue and Remediation->Reporting
Experience in various lines of risk defenses
First Line of Defense: Operational Management / Day to day risk management and control
Second Line of Defense: Internal Monitoring and Oversight (develop and maintain risk management policies and methodologies, identify and monitor new and emerging risks and enforce the enterprise risk management model)
Third Line of Defense: Internal audit owns this action, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes
Should be able to understand the business process, procedure and the risk associated to business process, and assist testing & validation team to execute test scenarios by building testing and validation platform with appropriate risk scenarios and control options
Prioritize critical business process based on the annual planning
Plan monthly scope items
Capture scope of testing, testing approach, expected results
Verify if any testing conducted in the past on the similar control, if yes analyze the test scope and result (ex: Tag all similar controls under one bucket with a common key)
Identify the issues/Risks
Test the business process and Analyze the risk pattern
Validate the expected control with stakeholders
Before creating a control point, check if any existing control exists and can be fine tune.
Provide recommendations to enhance the testing platform such as risk categorization, pattern analysis, trend analysis, risk profiling based on customer, geography, business and customer due diligence etc)

Client : Ktek Resourcing