Job Description :
Strong payments BA in Banking
Work with the gateway vendor, several in-house R&D teams, and data center teams to understand the business domain, high-level application and system architecture, message flows, and other specifics of the solutions to be tested. An interview process may have to be deployed because the documentation will often be limited.
Develop test strategy, test plans, and test cases for Acceptance, Regression, and Performance testing.
Collaborate with test automation teams and deploy automation.
Assess test environment needs and use self-serve platforms and processes to create and manage test environments. Work with 3rd parties and in-house teams on end-to-end connected environments.
Configure systems, create test data, review results - over UI as well as with SQL.
Perform testing, log results, create mandatory artifacts.
Draft product documentation and work with technical writes to create client facing documentation.
Deliver knowledge-transfers to in-house teams, partners and clients.
Support security testing, 3rd party certification testing, client testing, and production roll-out.
Provide support to Client Care, Implementations, Data Center, partner organizations and in-house clients.
Estimate work, track status in workflow systems, provide updates.

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