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Job Description:




Ansible - DevOps, .NET - Support, Actuate, Alta Vista - Support, Ansible – DevOps, ANT - DevOps, Apache Stratos - DevOps, Apache: Web Server, App Dynamics- Support, AWS - DevOps, AWS Code Deploy - DevOps, Bamboo - DevOps, Batch Monitoring and Scheduling, BCA - Middleware, BEA Web logic: AppServer, Blue Mix IBM- DevOps, Build Forge IBM - DevOps, CfEngine - DevOps, Change Mgmt - Support, Chef - DevOps, CICS Mainframe DBA, Cloud foundry - DevOps, Cloud forms : Cloud Suite, Cold Fusion: App Server, Convera.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities  

·         Forward Plan the release windows and cycles across commercial services. 

·         Manage risks and resolves issues that affect release scope, schedule and quality. 

·         Measure and monitor progress to ensure application releases are delivered on time and that they meet or exceed expectations. 

·         Coordinate release content and effort working closely with business and other IT stakeholders. 

·         Communicate all key project plans, commitments, and changes including requirements, QA plans, schedule, and scope changes 

·         Manage relationships and coordinate work between different teams at different locations. 

·         Conduct Release Readiness reviews, Milestone Reviews, and Business Go/No-Go reviews. 

·         Produce Deployment, Run Books and Implementation Plans. 

·         Weekly Release Reporting. 

·         Communicate release details and schedules to the Business as required. 

·         Negotiate, plan and manage all release activities. 

·         Work with release engineers to understand impacts of branches and code merges. 

·         Maintains the release schedule for all core commercial services and ensure alignment across key partners and vendors. 

·         Continually work towards making improvements in the release process. 

·         Lead and co-ordinate the Go-Live activities including the execution of the deployment Plans and checklists. 

·         Develops scripts and automation tools used to build, integrate, and deploy software releases to various platforms. 

·         Participate in CAB meetings to discuss release scope and/or roadblocks. 

·         Maintains a release repository and manages key information such as build and release procedures, dependencies, and notification lists. 


Required Skills, Experience, Education, and Certification 

·         3 – 6 years’ experience in Release Management, Release Automation and CI/CD 


Skill Matrix:


Total Experience




App Server, Blue Mix IBM- DevOps


.NET - Support, Actuate, Alta Vista - Support


Apache Stratos


AWS Code Deploy



Client : Hex aware


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