Job Description :
Role- Big Data Engineer with heavy AWS EMR + Data Pipelining
Duration: 11 months
Location: Richmond, VA
Need people who have developed in the data pipeline and have experience with AWS EMR.

This can be one of two different roles: Java Developer who wants to work on Data pipelines and has Spark Development OR a Big Data Engineer with some Java Development
One and Done Interview: Zoom Video (30-45 min)
Top 4
1. Java Development (4 yrs)
2. Spark / Scala Development (1 yr)
3. AWS

Project Description: Developing new data pipelines in Spark as well as develop the existing data pipelines that they have currently. This is a team of 6 developers
Line of Business: Card - Authorizations

Glider: Java Developer can be used but required

What has she seen in the past? They have setup EMR clusters but there was no experience developing on a data pipeline

Years of Experience: 4 years in Java, 1 year of Spark/Scala

Submission Format:
Legal Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Last 4 of SSN:
MM/DD of birth:
Visa Status:
Availability to interview:
Availability to start:
Skill Highlights- Provide the # years the candidate has on each of the following skills:
Java Development
Spark / Scala Development
Developing data pipelines
Any relevant Certifications?
Other points that make this candidate a great fit for the role: