Job Description :
Position: Big Data Engineer - DevOps, Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes, and Java
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Interview: Phone/Skype
Duration: 6-12+ months.

A strong Big Data developer/lead with big data design. This is a support type environment where this person will need to have had a lot of experience working with multiple tools and understanding and being able to solve failures in running jobs when needed. This is someone who has been part of the big picture in a large environment.

Must have good experience with -
1. Spark / Scala
2. Hive
3. Oozie
4. Java REST APIs.
5. Understanding of Unix/Networking.
6. Understanding of possible infrastructure issues.
7. Good debugging skills to find out which part/step in the pipeline may have issue.
8. Cassandra DB Understanding.

Overall, the ideal candidate should have good experience with multiple tools and technology, so that he/she can quickly find out possible failures in running jobs.
Also, he/she should have design experience with big-data projects.