Job Description :
Seeking a Lead/Architect/Sr Engr position in the Big Data space, preferably on AWS platform, around Alpharetta/Atlanta, GA.

A seasoned Big Data professional with 20+ years of experience in production data environment as a Developer and Architect across batch and real time data access patterns using Scala/Java/SQL on Big Data/Cloud platforms like AWS/Cloudera/Hortonworks and Hadoop ecosystem components involving heavy duty ETL, data processing, data access and automating processes.
Designed and implemented on key AWS platform using AWS Services - Athena, Glue, Lambda, Spark/scala, AWS Cli, RedShift, NiFietc, integrating with SalesForce and other vendor systems. Designed various solutions around data ingestion, ETL, restatement etc. Presents design to various audiences and leads offshore team to realize timely delivery of projects.
Designed and implemented on key apache software foundation projects such as - Hadoop, Spark, Spark/DataFrame, Spark/SQL, Sqoop, NiFi, HDFS etc. with Scala, Java, SQL, Shell script as language medium. Managed cluster jobs using Big Data eco system components like Oozie, Yarn, Ambari, Cloudera Manager, HDFS etc. Wrote processors in NiFi using Java to accomplish custom functionality.
Extensive experience in the past on building Enterprise scale applications using Java on Application servers, project management, leading technical teams, architect systems, review designs, code review, database design, quality analysis, delivery execution.
Exposure to AWS services like Data Pipeline, CloudFormation, Athena, Lambda; Azure, Struts, Ajax, Css, Drools, Velocity, Ant, Maven, Perl, Python, Oracle Apex, JQuery, ALBPM, Docker, Mule, MicroServices, SOA etc.
Proficient with development tools like Eclipse, Hue, FileZilla, WinMerge, git, VSCode, JBuilder, Microsoft Office suite, Soap UI, Postman, RoboMongo, Oracle SQL developer, MySql workbench, Toad, SourceTree, Jira, Confluence, BrowserStack, Putty, AWS Console/S3, BitBucket, GitHub, svn, Starteam, PivotalTracker, serviceDesk, Snafari, Assembla, PGAdmin, Oracle VirtualBox, DB Visualizer.

Big Data Expertise:
Spark Core
Spark DataFrame
Spark Sql
Spark Tuning