Job Description :
Behavior Driven Development Architect”.

Salary – 130K

Job Description:

BDD Process Expertise and Hands-on Experience

Use of ReactJS
Integrating RestAssured/Protractor tools & scripts with Jenkins
Protractor/Selenium tool: help developing test framework, library files etc.
Support JavaScript, Hexawise effectively
RestAssured Tool: help develop framework, library files etc.
Provide on-demand support when facing technical issue with tools
Provide on-demand support when facing issues with javascript coding (Front – End)
Provide on-demand support when facing issues with API testing (Back – End)
Support effective javascript and JAVA coding based on Cucumber Feature file
Demonstrate different ways of using javascript/Cucumber to validate expected results (assertion)
Provide Best Practices on step definition development
Demonstrate how to re-use step definitions in the project
Provide effective methods for testing a MicroServices-based application
Provide guidance to have common test results for both Front-end/Back-End testing (i.e., passed/failed/no-runs statuses in HTML/XML/plain text, etc
Provide guidance on integration of Jenkins with source code control tools like GTN/SVN