Job Description :

Experience – 10 to 15 years

·         Will be part of the team that designs and implements industry-first Azure based edge solution for SMART buildings.

·         Will be involved in design and technical discussions on both Azure edge and Azure cloud components, related to Building systems like lighting, air quality, indoor navigation, smart parking, HVAC controls etc.

·         Will be helping the customer to decide on the right Azure components (edge and cloud), integration with vendor hardware and software. Extensive interactions required with Smart Building Systems vendors for integrating of multiple vendor systems. Interactions required with internal stakeholders for demo of the systems

 Primary Responsibilities:

1.       Active participation in the design discussions / vendor Responsible for multiple vendor management

2.       Communicate effectively with vendors for various vendor-to-vendor and vendor-to-Azure integrations for

3.       Responsible for getting the deliverables from vendors on-time

4.       Responsible for managing the offshore development team and delivering on-time

5.       Responsible for guiding the client in setting up hardware, basic networking at their lab

6.       Responsible for installing and setting up any software at client lab and for PoC/pilot in  buildings

7.       Responsible for working closely with the client every day and highlight risks and mitigation plans to the customer immediately

8.       Responsible for tracking the project progress and reporting to client on weekly basis

9.       Responsible for showing demo to various stakeholders

Desirable Skills and Knowledge:

1.       Experience with Azure IoT Edge, Docker

2.       Experience with containers, container networking, container storage

3.       Hands-on experience with Azure cloud components like IoT Hub, Event Hub, Azure Digital Twins, Time Series Insights, etc.

4.       Experience with protocols like MQTT, AMQP, REST

5.       Understanding of field protocols like BACnet IP, Zigbee, Modbus TCP is a plus

6.       Experience with working on Linux OS

7.       Knowledge of Java,Python or any other language.

8.       Excellent communication, problem solving and team working skills


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