Job Description :
To review / amend / approve build specification documentation (required for Ambra & MINT and future releases) Support and guidance around Azure Cloud access and environments for MI Ecosystem e.g. Azure application gateway, technical conversations internally and with vendors To support the MI Ecosystem team with Calyx Azure Cloud standard(s) practice and procedures. E.g. 3rd Party Access, Disaster Recovery, Azure product standards (Commvault) Progress the install of the Ambra Suite & Mint (Introduction of the application gateway and load balancing activities) Support the acquisition of New Certificates Able to work closely with the 3rd Party vendor installation teams (Ambra/MINT)  To deliver and provision infrastructure to Calyx standard(s) as defined by the Cloud Architect and Ecosystem team to meet project timescales Ensure delivery complies with Cloud Engineering team build standards Confident with having the appropriate access to the Calyx Azure cloud Comply with Calyx change control and service request standards Align to the Cloud Engineering Management in terms of reporting and alignment Skills/experience with Ansilbe (IT Automation tool) that requires scripting/DevOps experience. Manage output of the designated Azure Cloud SME(s) in terms of reporting  Able to work to the project timescales Able to manage their own project build task(s) with support from Cloud SME(s) Understanding of Linux    

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