Job Description :

Role: Azure/DevOps Engineer

Location: Providence, RI


Technology Background & Skill set

CICD or DevOps - Azure DevOps/VSTS, Visual Studio, ProGet or Maven, Git, TFS, SVN

Primary Skill Azure DevOps

  • Capable of taking full ownership of technical deliverables and independent performer
  • Understanding of source management, application lifecycle management, build management and package management tools such as Git, TFS, SVN, Azure DevOps/VSTS, Visual Studio, ProGet or Maven.
  • Experienced in leading efforts to implement continuous improvements to all areas of pipeline automation and infrastructure services in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of FM Global's overall DevOps capability.
  • Experience with secure scripting/coding, collaboration across multiple product development teams and complex troubleshooting across multiple infrastructure teams.
  • In addition, at least one (1) year focused in an automation, cloud, CI/CD or DevOps specific role.
  • Responsibilities: This role is part of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) team and focuses on the development of automated infrastructure, continuous integration / continuous delivery pipelines, service pipelines and secure technology capabilities that drive application development velocity and improve access to infrastructure services.
  • Experienced in agile practices including Scrum and/or Kanban.


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