Job Description :

Role:  AWS Lambda Resource 
Location:  MA/NY
Duration: Fulltime

JD :

In depth knowledge of at least one high level Java programming language Understanding of core AWS services uses and basic AWS architecture best practices Proficiency in developing deploying and debugging cloud based applications using AWS Glue and Lambda Ability to use the AWS service APIs AWS CLI and SDKs to write applications Ability to identify key features of AWS services Understanding of the AWS shared responsibility model Understanding of application lifecycle management Ability to use a CI CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS Ability to use or interact with AWS services Ability to apply a basic understanding of cloud native applications to write code Ability to write code using AWS security best practices e g not using secret and access keys in the code instead using IAM roles Ability to author maintain and debug code modules on AWS Proficiency writing code for serverless applications Understanding of the use of containers in the development process


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