Job Description :
My name is Shaily and I am a Technical Recruiter with Avanciers. I came across your resume and credentials in our internal database.
Based on my search criteria, it looks like you would be a really good fit for the exciting opportunity I have with my premier client. I would like to understand what is your current situation and if you are actively seeking work. I would love to chat with you to understand what you are looking for in terms of your next career move and how I and my firm can assist you in landing your dream job.

Please review the below role and respond to this email if you would like to discuss this role in greater details :

Position : AWS Infrastructure Engineer
Location : San Jose, CA
Duration : 12+ months

Job Responsibilities-

We want someone who can start off with a blank slate AWS account from scratch and configure things.

Job Responsibilities :
Be able to setup AWS infrastructure from scratch (VPC, RDS, EC2, ELB) e. g Given a requirements and use a blank state AWS account
Be able to setup configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef etc. and use it to deploy changes to hosts
Be able to create Infrastructure as Code (e. g automation of VPC creation, setup of Jenkins master and slaves), so we can repeat Infrastructure setup between Development and Production
Be able to setup monitoring and alarms for the AWS infrastructure
Proficiency in scripting to be able to write tools to automate mundane tasks e. g. using boto3 package in python

Required Education Qualification :
Bachelor''s or Master s degree in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field.

Account Manager | Avanciers
LinkedIn: https://www. linkedin. com/in/shaily-sharma-ba00a596/
Web: www. avanciers. com