Job Description :

Fully remote with skills in AWS, Python, Ansible. Cloud Formation or Terraform.

6-12 month engagement.



  • update security groups to only allow ports needed from needed sources - update dependency packages for apps
  • run security analysis on static code in CICD
  • update app IAM users to have restricted permissions
  • use SSL certs for ssh connection
  • central identity control for system access
  • encrypt Elasticsearch
  • encrypt RDS
  • encrypt SQS
  • encrypt backups

Systems Stability.

  • update operating systems to latest versions
  • Requires (Create Company VPN) OR
  • Write automated script to scan AWS
  • investigate next OS to use after Centos 7
  • upgrade elasticsearch
  • update python version
  • update java version


  • automate All Build/Deploy Processes
  • automate VPN on boarding
  • Create Task Running Platform
  • Create Scheduling Platform
  • Ansible: combine all 4 ansible repos into single source.
  • add permissions for users to be able to run ansible commands w permissions - add all instances to ansible for provisioning

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