Job Description :
Job Description for Cloud Architect: As a Cloud Architect, you will help the Cloud Engineering teams attain maturity in the cloud technology stack, architecture, and practices with the goal to create high-quality cloud products and features for all businesses to use. Why is this role important for client's work? You will work with multiple Product teams, engaging with Product team members to help build and reinforce the Cloud mindset and to embed cloud practices in the day to day work. Examples include: creating the design infrastructure for new features on the cloud, Infrastructure as code, best database to use in the scenario, cost-optimized infrastructure choices, security as day zero practice, and attaining dark data center as a principal. You need to Architect cloud solutions/products for making sure that working on cloud Environment is an ease for the Product teams and they don't have to bother about the underlying systems, governance, or practices. Once here you will? Some of the things that you can look forward to doing once you are here are: 1. Creating technical design specs for a multi-region across availability zone deployments. 2. Creating Cloud Products to ease out the automation and governance of cloud deployments for Product teams. 3. Maintaining the security, performance, resilience, and cost for the cloud deployments. 4. Coach, train, and mentor to improve the maturity and value of the cloud practices within the team. 5. Be part of Agile rituals like Feature elaboration/Estimation, daily stand-ups, release planning, Iteration Planning Meeting, Retrospective, Showcase, etc 6. Maintain Product Infrastructure using reusable clean code and one-click deployment methodologies. 7. Extensive use of Amazon web services across more than 50 AWS accounts in the Organization 8. Work on clustering strategies of relational databases and implementing the latest features by rolling upgrades ensuring higher availability. 9. Create testing platforms for the Infrastructure code for ensuring high availability using the unit and regression tests for infrastructure code. 10. Making sure that security is the most important part of the product and compliances like PCI and all are maintained, and tests are performed. 11. Writing libraries and plugins for the open-source products and tools used by the team using Python, C#, Java, etc. 12. Evaluate the latest technology releases and ensure that the Product is always at the best to use Platform. 13. Gate keep development process and quality by ensuring that best practices are followed.

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