Job Description :
Title: AWS Build Engineer
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Required Experience/Skills:
3+ years of software development, with focus on cloud computing (Certs a plus)
Knowledgeable in building highly scalable, cloud-native apps using AWS services like APIGateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, ECS, etc.
Able to provide guidance of AWS best practices
Experience with CI/CD, particularly CodeBuild/CodeDeploy, Jenkins, and Docker
Good understanding of CloudFormation
Excellent scripting skills (Bash, Python, Ruby, etc.)
Deep Linux understanding
Observability experience (NewRelic, Honeycomb, Datadog, Splunk)
Able to work independently or with a team to help translate customer needs in a proficient and professional manner
Excellent at collaborating with others. We have a very ego-free team by intention
Experience with open source software such as NGINX, RabbitMQ, and Elasticsearch
Exposure to Agile methodologies and DevOps practices"

Role and Responsibilities:
- Daily customer interaction , attending DSTUM calls
- Understand the requirements, complete the aws development and support activities
- Able to upskill/reskill based on the project / custmer needs

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