Job Description :



The consultant role at Visvero is a combination of client facing and internal obligations. Visvero offers incentives and rewards both financial and non-monetary for the consultants, regardless of the employment status i.e., regardless of whether the consultant is a full-time, part-time, independent contractor or a corp.-corp.


We allocate the consultant role in the following categories, with goals and compliance in all these areas as a responsibility, albeit with varying degrees and that will be made available by your assigned Visvero mentor. The accomplishments in these events are sole determinant for bonuses, raises, promotions, time-off and other rewards.



Client Facing Tasks  

Title : Automation Engineer

Pittsburgh, PA

Experience working in programming preferably Java
• Good experience in one of the automation testing tool like selenium/geb

• Good understanding of data base, query, gather test data
• Geb-Spock web automation framework working experience
• Basics of knowledge on Groovy scripting
• Hands-on experience in working on Gradle build engine
• End to end automation skill set comprising GUI, Data level, API/WebApp level validations
• Working knowledge on Representation states (XML\JSON) for API testing
• Working experience of Agile Delivery models (Scrum experience preferred)
• Proficient in various DB technologies (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, PostGres, Cassandra


Personal Development Tasks

-          Visvero assigned mentor will participate in monthly goals review and mutually agree on development goals, accomplishments and targets. You will also agree on a time allocation strategies and methods for the goal’s accomplishment. Accomplishments and progress on these are then reviewed quarterly and annually.


Visvero Internal Tasks

  • Use internal time entry and reporting method/portal for time entry regardless of whether this may require duplicate work.
  • Participate in monthly meetings for goals setting and project review feedback.
  • Provide information and participate in the case study development for the project/s that you are assigned to
  • Contribute and help write whitepapers, blog post, case studies or any other relevant articles or papers


Business Assistance Tasks $$$

  • Make introductions to the clients/ managers  as applicable
  • Participate in the conferences / webinars/ speaking events  as required
  • Like/share work related social media messages from Visvero as required
  • Help develop/ brainstorm/ enhance the services to align better with the client needs as required

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