Job Description :

Project Overview:
Professional services engagement: implement advanced features within their software, specifically Wealth and Retirement suite of products--Omni2 Suite: large record-keeping system for pension plans, 401k, etc. Has 13-15 surrounding SaaS applications that clients interact with. Applications are all hosted on Client owned and provisioned cloud.
Another key piece is their DVW (Data Validation Web) Platform, which is functionally a payroll processing platform. Clients submit payroll data, update balances to the accounts, generating electronic funds transfers. Data is parsed through DVW with underlying ETL processes, transforms the data into consistent formats, and updates the accounts. Also moving onto Exadata from existing Oracle platform.
Tech Stack/Role Notes:
Omni is Java-based, Tomcat Hosted
DVW is Java-based, Jboss hosted application with Omnilink
Both around Akamai
Upgrading the applications--rewrite of the DVW application and expanding to new network segments
This team is 2nd and 3rd level support
Calling the role "Application Engineer" over Systems Engineer: need understanding of the Application first and foremost--submit tickets to centralized teams that handle networking to put in the proper request.
Need understanding of data movement through a system: file transfer configurations, permissions, identifying where data has the potential to fail and fall over
Pulling logs, gathering information, helping to troubleshoot and diagnose issues
Load balancing
Understanding B2B type connections
Implementation and support, getting platform deployed in the new environments
Supporting testing as regression testing kicks off
Not responsible for development at all, don't need to read or write code, but they do windows batch scripting--scripted restarts, archiving logs, windows batch scripting
Basic understanding of SQL--not installing and write tables, but being able to write a query would be good to have
Internal monitoring, understanding simulated logins and knowledge points
Must Have:
Jboss and Tomcat installation and configuration
Networking concepts: load balancing, lease sessions, round robin sessions
Firewalls--how it works, what it is, implication pertaining to connecting into client systems/data
High level understanding of applications: "this is what the application needs to do, and this is what we need to do from the server, network, and systems size to facilitate it"
Understanding of database schemas
Nice to Have:
Oracle and Exadata

Required Skills : Apache Tomcat,JBOSS,MySQL,Java,Oracle Omni is Java-based, Tomcat Hosted DVW is Java-based, Jboss hosted application with Omnilink
Basic Qualification : Must have clear and concise communication skills!!
Additional Skills : Must have clear and concise communication skills!!
Background Check :Yes
Notes :
Selling points for candidate :
Project Verification Info :
Candidate must be your W2 Employee :No
Exclusive to Apex :Yes
Face to face interview required :No
Candidate must be local :No
Candidate must be authorized to work without sponsorship :Yes
Interview times set : :No
Type of project :Development/Engineering
Master Job Title :Misc: Technical
Branch Code :Birmingham

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