Job Description :


  • Business capability and domain modeling, including an understanding of domain driven design, including modeling of events. 
  • Deep understanding of different integration patterns and best practices such as events, synchronous vs. asynchronous messaging, peer-to-peer, Publish-subscribe, distributed logs and RESTful APIs 
  • Microservices topologies, including operational concerns such as resiliency, observability, discovery and routing, etc. 
  • Enterprise security design in a Microservices architecture such as the role of Identity Providers and the Authentication / Authorization flow design. 
  • Design and build user-centric API ecosystems to drive new consumer experiences and unlock business capabilities 




5+ years as API SME experience. Exposure to AFS Vision technologies. 

Approaches to managing Architectural debt, Architecture governance and evolution in practice. 

API lifecycle management and the corresponding technologies. 

Collaborate with diverse technical delivery teams to build service based architecture to scale and innovate. 

Speak to various API business models, including internal ROI. Have strong facilitation skills ensure alignment to architectural vision. 

Have experience with, and understand how to lead, legacy integration and remediation (facades, strangler approaches, et. al.) 

Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchal, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role title. 


Client : TechM


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