Job Description :
NOTE: This is not a Tester / QA role, we need developers who can do programming to automate Android test cases

We need someone who is really strong in Android Test Automation(that was/is their primary role) and if they have Google experience in Automation Development (for Android) that is a significant plus.

A minimum 3-5 years of relevant google work experience would be good ( as a automation developer )

Note that we strongly prefer candidates who have Google experience.

Here is a job description:

Automation Developer, Android

Minimum qualifications:

· Bachelor''s degree in Computer Science, a related technical field or equivalent practical experience

· Solid foundation in programming including proper use of inheritance

· Experience programming in Android Java

· Experience writing scripts to automate Android test cases

· Experience with Android UI test automation frameworks (e.g. UIAutomator and Espresso)

· Understanding of Android instrumentation testing

Preferred qualifications:

· Experience with Android OS development (in addition to software app development)

· Python experience

· Demonstrated knowledge of Unix/Linux environments