Job Description :
Experience in AI/ML models and chatbots
Expert developer in Python 3.x
Strong functional programming skills
Experience in developing RESTful APIs using python Flask/Django, NGINX, Meinheld / uwsgi. Gunicorn
Deep understanding in implementing Micro services and message-based loosely coupled architectures
Experience in designing data persistence system using both SQL and NoSQL DBMS (MongoDB, OracleDB)
Experience in use of source code management system git and build tools like ant, maven
Good DevOps skills able to get hands dirty on Linux, AWS, Docker, CI pipelines, etc.
Experience writing unit tests and using standard Web testing frameworks using TDD
Good understanding of SCRUM/Agile methodology
Good understanding of reactive programming and reactive systems architecture.

Good to have:
Experience with Big Data solutions (Spark, Kafka), Cloud, Docker

Independently develops error free code with high quality validation of applications, guides other developers and assists Lead
1 – Software Engineering

Understand and provide input to the application/feature/component designs; developing the same in accordance with user stories/requirements.
Code, debug, test, document and communicate product/component/features at development stages.
Select appropriate technical options for development such as reusing, improving or reconfiguration of existing components.
Optimise efficiency, cost and quality by identifying opportunities for automation/process improvements and agile delivery models
Mentor Developer 1 – Software Engineering and Developer 2 – Software Engineering to effectively perform in their roles
Identify the problem patterns and improve the technical design of the application/system
Proactively identify issues/defects/flaws in module/requirement implementation
Assists Lead 1 – Software Engineering on Technical design. Review activities and begin demonstrating Lead 1 capabilities in making technical decisions