Job Description :

We are looking for a Full time/contract employee for an Agile Project Manager.

  • Demonstrates ability and interest to review and understand the latest HHS organization charts looking at department dependencies and functions to establish key stakeholder relationships with a view to working collaboratively to support agency stakeholders project tasks that are needed to meet IT SAM deliverable deadlines
  • Creates, maintains, and manages project schedule using MS Project plan or similar Project Schedule or PPM tool as defined by HHSC IT SAM manager or their designee.
  • Completes project work plan/schedule with approvals from IT SAM management or their designee in coordination with program area stakeholders
  • Updates the project work plan at weekly intervals and works collaboratively with agency stakeholder groups to ensure project tasks are completed by all due dates
  • Works extensively with IT SAM manager or their designee to ensure clear scope, deliverables, and due dates on all assigned IT SAM initiatives
  • Develops and maintains other project documentation deliverables as appropriate.
  • Produces high-quality project document deliverables on extremely short deadlines, as a working PM contributes the necessary effort after hours if needed, to accomplish extremely short deadlines
  • As a working PM, performs iterative planning and delivery cycles for all deliverables and creates expedited workflows of project tasks with taking ownership and contributing to project delivery tasks as needed as well as directed by the HHSC IT SAM manager or their designee.
  • As a working PM, completes all PM deliverables in addition to providing hands-on support to the IT SAM Business Analysts assigned project tasks as directed by the IT SAM manager or their designee.
  • 10.Leads facilitates as needed and participates in various stakeholder/license holder meetings with the IT SAM state staff and the ITSAC Business Analysts
  • 11.Creates reporting dashboards and status reports per-determined cadence on all assigned IT SAM initiatives with IT SAM management efficiently and effectively
  • Communicates often and early to the IT SAM manager or their designee any project risk, issue, or potential adverse decision that would impact the IT SAM assigned initiatives.
  • Creates Risk, Action Item, The issue, Decision (RAID) Log and documentations same. Develops with the IT SAM team strategies to mitigate and corrective action plans.



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