Job Description :
AEM Architect

Type of Job: New ContractingRole

AEM Experience of 6 Years
Must have handled at least 2-3 large AEM implementationin AEM 6.4.
Mastery of core web technologies includingXML,HTML5,CSS, client/server-side-scripting languages such as JavaScriptpreferably using SPA (Single page application) and web services developmentusing Restful implementations.
Deep understanding of Java, Java EE, Servlets, HTL/Slightlyskills, combined with a strong understanding of enterprise Java frameworks suchas Spring.
Deep understanding of and hands-on developmentexperience with relevant ''Java CMS'' frameworks including Apache Sling for content-centricapplication development, JCR and JSR-170 / JSR-283 forContent Management,JSR-168 and JSR-286 for Portal development, and Apache Felixfor OSGi bundle development.
Proficient in Day CQ / Adobe AEM foundational concepts,including the use of core frameworks such as Apache Sling and ApacheFelix, a solidunderstanding of all of the related building blocks including templates,components, dialogs, widgets, etc., and the Adobe AEM development and deploymentprocess.
Good understanding of Day CQ /Adobe AEM WCM capabilitiesincluding Multi-site manager and Blueprinting, and the use of online marketingcomponents such as advanced targeting / personalization, andmulti-variate testing,is preferred.
Proficient knowledge of the end-to-end contentlifecycle, web content management, content publishing / deployment, and deliveryprocesses.
Good understanding of integration patterns andcontent-centric application development patterns using Day CQ / Adobe AEM withor without a Portal, Search, Commerce package or other platforms, is preferred.
Strong understanding of SDLCmethodologies(Agile, SCRUM
Strong Exposure to expose AEM content as a contentservices to External Applications.
Experience with AEM-Adobe Target integration throughDTM.
AEM integration with External search platform SOLR.
Experience in Adobe Campaign, GraphQL,MicroServices, Adobe Analytics and Adobe migration project would be plus.
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