Job Description :

Job Description: 

Job Title: Advanced Application Developer - JAVA

Location: Phoenix, AZ 


Under direct supervision, performs work in a structured environment to engineer highly complicated professional systems analysis and programming for applications in multiple environments.  Designs, develops and supports applications integrating multiple programming languages or database systems, complicated interfaces, or new and emerging technologies and languages.  Performs related duties as assigned or directed.  This classification is designated as uncovered.  Incumbent serves at the pleasure of the Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (not intended to be all-inclusive):

1. Provides expert program level application design, analysis and programming.

2. Provides expert knowledge and/or programming in multiple database systems and languages, operations, and systems including, but not limited to HTML, XML, JAVA, SOAP, SQL, XSD, PYTHON, C#, C++, SWIFT, TYPESCRIPT, DRUPAL, C-TREE, DB2, business intelligence reporting and analytics systems and low-code process automation systems.

3. Designs and documents complex specifications and new programs/applications, and analyzes, modifies, supports, and migrates existing applications



1. Professional standards for applications and systems development and documentation.

2. The principles, concepts, capabilities, and operations of (two or more) HTML, XML, JAVA, SOAP, SQL, XSD, PYTHON, C#, C++, SWIFT, TYPESCRIPT, DRUPAL, C-TREE, DB2, business intelligence reporting and analytics systems and low-code process automation systems.

3. System design requirements and programming techniques in any Object-Oriented Language (e.g., C++, C#, JAVA, .NET, etc.)


1.  Reviewing, interpreting, and proofreading comprehensive, analytical, statistical, technical, and administrative reports, documents, and manuals.

2.   The use of system testing applications to identify performance, data integrity, communication and functionality problems, and ensure the programs are corrected accordingly.

3.  Developing logical conclusions and implementing practical solutions to highly complex programming and data structure problems.

4. Analyzing highly complex systems and programming specifications to develop logical coding.

6.  Analyzing user needs to design appropriate system modifications or new applications to meet the identified requirements.

7.  Integrating applications which extend across sections of the organization. 


1.  Effectively develop and engineer applications and solutions in multiple programming languages and/or database systems.

2.  Establish and maintain effective professional relationships.

4. Communicate orally and in writing to present information in a logical and understandable format.

5. Work within stringent deadlines to complete work assignments.

6. Adapt to changing priorities and assignments.

7. Adhere to established policy and use good judgement in safeguarding confidential or sensitive information.


1.  Office setting.

2. Availability to work irregular hours and/or respond to emergency call-outs on a 24-hour basis.


Requires a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Management or Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Math, or Engineering or related technical degree from an appropriately accredited institution and five (5) years of computer programming experience in multiple languages/standards or database systems.


an Associate’s Degree in the afore mentioned areas and seven (7) years of computer programming and database systems experience, as indicated above.


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