Job Description :
Request for Quote Adobe Support Proposed new Role One Sr. Business Analyst (or recommendation by supplier) role based in NA or LATAM the performs below tasks Helps first time project teams [all sectors] with Adobe e-sign usage Onboard all new users Owns vendor relationship with Adobe Esign team Resolve service now incidents and service requests Maintain service now Knowledge bases Interface with Adobe Open incidents with Adobe Perform escalation Own communication with all business teams Manages Yammer group Manage Client Self service portal page Provided weekly status reporting to leadership Understands the technical integration options Assists in migration of DocuSign projects to Adobe ESign Support Model P4 and P5 incidents will be supported Mon - Fri 8 AM - 5 PM CST All service requests must go thru ServiceNow Assignment Group [ADOBE DIGITAL SIGN SUPPORT] Team will also support DL [DL - IT Adobe Digital Sign Support] Tasks & Responsibilities: Tasks Accept client requests to lead an engagement discussion Accept requests from the Service Catalog for setting up a new group Set up a new group in Sign and add in the user list Take in requests to export the list of current users Take in request to generate reports Provide summaries of envelope consumption for each group Share the self-service training materials with the new group Answer questions from the new group on how to use the tool Accept being a part of a DL to address questions on the tool Escalation support copying and pasting from DocuSign: "Direct access to senior technical resource as part of standard escalation process" Troubleshoot issues with clients such as "Sender says signer did not get email" explain to Sender how to look at the audit trail ie. Conclusion: Sender sent envelope to the wrong email address this is going to require Adobe person joining a screen sharing call Participate in engagement discussions that involve assessing potential integrations and be our one point of contact in determining if Adobe could be adapted to deliver the client's vision Provide support in developing a POC for confirming custom integrations with Adobe Sign within solutions currently using DocuSign